Route 66, Live from the Super Truck!

Route 66, Live from the Super Truck!

Bob and Becky spent two days driving through Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico via the historic Mother Road, Route 66. They recorded this podcast from the cab of their tow vehicle, known as the Super Truck, describing the various stops as they happened. So jump in the back seat and enjoy the ride!

Route 66 excerpts, in order of appearance:

  1. Glenn Frey
  2. The Time Jumpers
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Roger Miller (King of the Road)
  5. Patty Paige
  6. The Fun Girls
  7. George Benson
  8. Dr. Feelgood
  9. Glenn Frey
  10. Anne Hampton Calloway
  11. Bob Welsh
  12. Tom Petty
  13. Manhattan Transfer
  14. Bing Crosby
  15. Chuck Berry
  16. Andrews Sisters
  17. Mark Lennon
  18. Asleep at the Wheel
  19. Nancy Sinatra
  20. The Cheetah Girls
  21. Glenn Frey
Christmas and Year-in-Review

Christmas and Year-in-Review

Bob and Becky bring you three podcasts in one, as they talk about the first anniversary of Bob’s retirement from The Bob & Tom Show, their year in travel, and the upcoming Christmas season. Bob might have used a swear word or two, and Becky started blabbing about gypsies…

The featured music for this podcast is “I Hate Christmas” by Whit Grayson and Bob Kevoian. Consider yourself warned: couple of swear words in the song!! This will be your first opportunity to EVER hear this song without the necessary radio edits/bleeps.

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